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Final surveying for streets

The final surveying of newly constructed streets is one of the official public surveying functions connected with cadastral surveying. Typically it is performed after a traffic installation or roadway network has been completed. This does not only pertain to newly built streets but also to bicycle paths, bypasses, the widening of existing roadways and traffic circles. The main task here is to survey the boundary points and to do new surveying of the used areas if necessary so that the cadastre can be updated.

Final surveying for streets

As a further part of this process, boundary markers that are no longer present or are no longer in the correct position as a result of the construction activities will be replaced.

Because street construction often involves the use of portions of adjacent land holdings, the developer (typically the city or municipality) conducts negotiations with the property holders regarding these areas and the appropriate compensation for the land that is used.

In this connection, remaining areas may be identified through the final surveying of the new transport installation. These parcels may be acquired by abutting owners after the construction work is completed. These remaining areas are also referred to as realignment areas.

At an on-site surveying meeting, owners of the involved land parcels have the chance to state their opinions regarding the course of the boundaries and the marking of new boundaries.

For final survey of new streets and roadways a publicly appointed surveyor is required. The fees for these surveying services are regulated by the VwKostO-MWEVL (administrative fee schedule).