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Setting out of buildings

(Rough and fine stake-outs)


The process of setting out a building prior to the commencement of construction is divided into rough and fine stake-outs.  In setting out a building, the plan for the construction is transferred to the actual piece of land where the building will be erected. This is done to ensure that the building dimensions and the boundary distances are conformed to as delineated in the construction plans. We perform these activities in accordance with §65 of the Hessian Building Code. In addition to fine stake-outs and rough stake-outs, we also are happy to conduct additional construction surveying such as detailed marking out for facade construction or individual floors.

Setting out of buildings

When a building is set out, the position of the planned structure is transferred to the actual location or to the construction pit. On the basis of the architectural plan as well as the site plan, the future building is marked out in the correct position on the site and at the correct height.

At the surveying points, the building corner points and axes can be marked out in the setting out process. This not only creates a basis for the correct realization of the overall construction, but also ensures that the building dimensions and boundary distances stipulated in the building permit are conformed to.


Rough set-outs

The rough stake-out, also known as the construction pit stake-out, refers to the on-site marking out of elevation benchmarks which show how much of the earth present at the site should be excavated for the realization of the project.

Rough stake-outs should also ensure that the excavation for the construction pit is made at the correct location. That is why the corner points for the planned structure are marked with wooden posts or some similar marking. 



Mit den Feinabsteckungen werden die Außenkanten des geplanten Bauwerks nach Lage und Höhe übertragen. Feinabsteckungen werden nach dem Ausheben der Baugrube vorgenommen. Die Gebäudeaußenkanten werden zentimetergenau abgesteckt, normalerweise mit so genannten Schnurgerüsten und Nägeln. Die Schnüre zwischen den Nägeln zeigen dem Bauunernehmer dann genau die Lage der jeweiligen Außenwand an.

Fine stake-outs

With the fine stake-out, the outer edges of the planned structure are defined at the building site both for position and height. Fine stake-outs are performed after the excavation for the construction pit has been completed. The outer edges of the building are marked out to the centimeter, normally with so-called batter boards and nails. The strings between the nails show the construction company exactly where the outer walls of the building should be.