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Support for property owners with construction projects

Whoever is getting started with a construction project has a lot to think about and a lot to plan.

We are your partner for all surveying issues having to do with building a private home or dealing with land questions.

Our services:

Support for property owners with construction projects

Many property owners only build once in a lifetime. They don’t know the relevant laws and regulations, have difficulties evaluating possible building locations and skip getting advice from experts in order to reduce their costs. But this is a big mistake. Without support for property owners, you benefit from our many years of experience and put yourself on the safe side. Expert support allows property owners who are building not only to avoid mistakes but also to save money and time. Construction defects can quickly result in very high costs.

Therefore we support you with the necessary surveying work during all the important construction phases so that at the end of the process you have the building that you dreamed of having.

The benefits of our support for property owners

Having one’s own building constructed is a huge project and lots of different things can go wrong. Whether it has to do with getting good performance from craftsmen and contractors or building in conformity with the building permit – you need experts who can assist you during all of the important construction phases.

We are always up to date with the current building regulations and can perform all the necessary surveying work before, during and after the construction. In this way, we ensure that the requirements of the building permit and the architect’s plans are followed. It is also advantageous when contractors and craftsmen know that they are working with experts. You can relax and let us take care of the surveying work.

As the property owner, you cannot be everywhere at once and probably you also have your own job and family to be taking care of. With our support you will have the chance to catch your breath and at the same time be sure that everything is proceeding correctly at your construction site.

Our services to assist property owners

Through exact surveying during all the important construction phases, errors are avoided and the precise execution of the plans is ensured. We are your partner for questions regarding the construction of your home and the selection of a place to build. We will be pleased to provide a plot map for the building application including height measurements and to survey the plot itself. For marking-out of buildings we perform both rough stake-outs and fine stake-outs. After the completion of your construction project, we can perform the final building measurement as required from property owners in accordance with §21 of the Hessian Surveying and Geoinformation Act so that the building can be entered in the land survey registry.