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Do you have questions about career opportunities with us at Buck? In the following, we’ve brought together answers for frequently asked questions about getting started at Buck Surveying. If your question is not answered here, then please feel free to contact Jennifer Errico at 0561-983-982-44 or by email at

  1. General questions about applying at Buck
  2. Questions about training and apprenticeship
  3. Questions about internships
  4. Questions about university work-study programs
  5. Questions about bachelor’s / master’s theses
  6. The Buck application process
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1. General questions about applying at Buck

How do I apply?

Go to the menu point “Careers” and look at our current job offerings under Open positions. We also are pleased to receive unsolicited applications!

What training and education do I need to work at Buck Surveying?

If you have completed your training as a surveying technician  or have a degree as a surveying engineer, we will be pleased to receive your application – either for a listed vacancy or as a speculative application. To begin an apprenticeship, you need a good secondary school diploma (Realschulabschluss).

Is it possible to apply without these exact qualifications?

Are you a specialist from another profession that involves surveying activities? Then by all means apply here with us! Currently we also have geoinformation specialists and civil engineers on our team.

What other training opportunities are offered at Buck?

We place a high priority on regular further education to keep our team’s professional knowledge up to date and up to the latest standards. For this, we offer training in the following areas:

  • Software training such as AutoCAD, Geo8, GeoGraf, Geobüro
  • Various management seminars such as time management
  • Drone pilot license
  • Leica training programs

2. Questions about training and apprenticeship

When does the apprenticeship begin, how long does it last, and is it possible to do a shorter version of it?

The apprenticeship begins on August 1 each year and lasts three years. A reduction of the apprenticeship time is possible under certain conditions (previous education, experience).

What qualifications do I need to have in order to start an apprenticeship at Buck Surveying?

At least a secondary school diploma (Realsulabschluss) and definitely a strong interest for mathematics, physics, technology and geography. In addition, you should enjoy working in a precise and exact way.

How do I apply?

Simply send us your application materials with a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and school certificates or work references to Feel free to give us a call as well.

3. Questions about internships

What types of internships are available at Buck Surveying?

We offer an orientation internship for students still in school (during the school holidays or as a mandatory school internship) as well as mandatory internships in connection with university study for the professions surveying engineer & surveying technician (m/w/d).

What will I do during an internship at Buck Surveying?

You will accompany our employees, such as engineers and technicians, during their daily work – both in the office and on field assignments – and you will get a comprehensive practical and theoretical impression regarding these professions.

Can I do an internship at Buck Surveying before beginning an apprenticeship?

If you are interested in doing an apprenticeship as a surveying technician, we look forward particularly to your application for an internship. An internship provides a perfect start for an initial orientation in the profession.

4. Questions about the work-study program with in-depth practical training

What is a work-study program with in-depth practical training?

The geodesy work-study program with in-depth practical training offers students the chance not only to acquire theoretical knowledge, but also to gather wide-ranging practical experience directly in a working company. The practical application of a broad range of measurement methods and the use of the most modern measurement technologies take a leading role in our approach.

What are the prerequisites for a university work-study program with in-depth practical training?

The prerequisite for participation in a work-study program is a secondary school degree qualifying you for university study, the so-called “Abitur” in Germany. With this you can apply for a work-study program in geodesy. We work together with the universities Anhalt-DessauWürzburg-Schweinfurth and Munich, because these are the only universities offering a work-study program with in-depth practical training.

How does the work-study degree program with in-depth practical training function at Buck Surveying?

We offer aspiring geodesists a comprehensive view into the whole field of geodesy. With us, work-study students of surveying can gain practical experience and enhance the theoretical knowledge from the university by putting it to use in real-life situations. The practical training phases take place through at least one half of the semester breaks during your time of study as well as one complete practical semester of your study time.

What is the benefit of a work-study program with in-depth practical training?

A significant benefit comes from combining theoretical knowledge and its practical application. At university you become familiar with the theoretical background and procedures, which you then get the chance to put to use in real life with us. In addition, the work-study program with practical training includes at least 50 percent more practical work sections than regular university study.

5. Questions about bachelor’s / master’s theses

What do I need to do to write a bachelor’s or master’s thesis at Buck Surveying?

Before you apply to write your thesis with us, you should check at your university whether it is permitted to write a bachelor’s thesis at a company and when you need to notify your department about this. Also keep in mind that it may take several weeks from the time of your application with us until we can confirm an internship place for you. Therefore, you need to get all the necessary information at an early date.

How is all this organized?

When you write a final thesis on an external basis, you have two thesis advisors – one from your university and one from the surveying office. Maintaining good communication with your university advisor and with your advisor in the surveying office is the key to handling this successfully.

What are the benefits of doing my bachelor’s / master’s thesis at Buck Surveying?

During your work on a bachelor’s thesis at Buck Surveying, we will give you an in-depth view into our work so that you can gather valuable experience to help prepare you for a start in your professional life. In our company you will also have access to important resources, programs and data which can be key in writing your bachelor’s thesis.

6. The Buck application process

Five steps to working together:

Step 1: Questions

Do you have questions about the listed job vacancies? We will be pleased to answer them! Please get in touch with us by telephone: +49 (0)561 / 982-0 or email:

Step 2: Application documents

Send your application materials with a cover letter, curriculum vitae, school and university certificates and/or work references as a PDF document (max. 5 MB) to

Step 3: Hearing back from us

Following a short confirmation of receipt, we will take a close look at your application materials. We will get in touch with you promptly to give you feedback.

Step 4: Meeting in person

If your written application has convinced us, we will be pleased to invite you to the company for an interview. There we will have the chance to meet, to talk about your career plans and to show you the office.

Step 5: Hearing back from us

Is the chemistry right and do our ideas fit well together? Then we will be pleased to offer you a contract and look forward to welcoming you as a new team member at Buck Surveying.

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Your contact person for questions:

Jennifer Errico

Tel.: 0561-983 982-44