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 Industrial surveying


Industrial surveying includes activities such as settlement measurements, the surveying of electrical substations and industrial plants, component measurements, surveying for crane installations and reverse engineering. Industrial surveying is also conducted in all these areas in connection with ongoing wear in critical elements or settlements occurring through the weight of structures or to monitor wear resulting from regular operation, thus making it possible to ensure continuing functionality and to perform countermeasures in a timely manner.

The measurement instruments and measurement methods that we use are adapted exactly to your requirements and the objects and elements that are to be measured – to provide you with highly precise results that you require.

Professional industrial surveying and measurement by Buck Surveying

Industrial surveying and measurement is becoming more and more significant. As technical progress continues, the requirements for measurement systems and for precision in plants and machines are increasing all the time. In most areas of machine and plant construction as well as in production processes, the tolerances for deviations from standards are becoming more and more strict.  Most tolerances are now less than one millimeter. The reliability of turbines, production lines, cranes and other machines are a top priority – not only as an aspect of quality assurance but also to guarantee safety. Key tolerances must be measured and monitored with highly precise measurement devices. With our Leica laser measurement devices we can analyze measurement data directly on site, making continuous control measurements possible.

Industrial surveying refers to all the surveying and measurement activities that need to be provided for industrial companies. This includes the surveying of building properties and the measurement of completed construction activities so that these can be entered into the official land survey registry. We also survey plants and prepare 3D models of them for our customers. In addition, we perform settlement measurements which can be important in connection with large, heavy structures such as bridges as well as with the use of heavy equipment that can result in subsoil deformation through vibration. Particularly important in industrial surveying and measurement are plant measurements and component measurements. Through the work conducted in an industrial plant various types of wear and tear inevitably occur. With the help of a laser tracker, this can be measured and monitored very precisely.

For component measurements we provide highly exact dimensional measurements which we deliver in 3D for your CAD program. With our mobile laser measurement instruments we measure and check production equipment and machines and compare geometrical sizes with planning files or CAD models. We also can provide our customers with high-quality 3D models for the replication of components in connection with reverse engineering.  We can even measure hidden points with a high degree of precision using our laser trackers or with hand-held measurement devices. We can also measure the tracks of your crane installation as these often are subject to wear and abrasion of the individual parts. In crane measurement, we adjust tracks and provide you with the necessary guide values for all adjustment points. For quality control, we prepare target-actual comparisons on the basis of CAD models or plans and conduct measurements for checking tolerances.

Measurement and surveying of electrical substations

A technical failure in a substation could result in a power failure for entire cities or regions. For electricity suppliers this can entail income losses and damage to public reputation. To avoid such negative consequences, we support utility companies with surveying for electrical substations, design plans and construction activities and can also provide control measurements with 3D laser scanners on a long term basis.



Setzungsmessungen sind von besonderer Bedeutung für schwere Bauwerke, aber auch für Baukörper und Bauteile. Denn durch starkes Gewicht oder durch Vibrationen kann es zu Verformungen des Baugrundes kommen, welcher sich in der Folge senkt. Mit frühzeitigen Setzungsmessungen können im Fall einer Senkung präventive Maßnahmen ergriffen werden, um Schäden oder Einnahmeeinbußen zu vermeiden.

Settlement measurements

Settlement measurements are particularly significant for heavy building structures and construction elements.  Through their heavy weight or through vibrations the foundation earth can be deformed over time which may cause structures to sink.  With settlement measurements planned from the start, it is possible to take preventive measures should settlement occur so that damages and loss of income are avoided.

Plant measurements

Monitoring plant installations and components is also part of our comprehensive services in the area of industrial surveying and measurement. Over time, ongoing motions can result in wear and tear that may in turn cause deformations which can have a negative impact on plant operation. We provide exceedingly exact measurement results, detecting deviations of as little as 0.02 millimeters.


Component measurement

In the area of component measurement, it is possible to use lasers to measure components very exactly and in three dimensions. When measuring components we select the measurement device to fit the object that is to be measured and make use of measurement methods that fulfill your requirements.  Working on this basis we measure axes and dimensions with 3D measurement technology and prepare these data in our CAD programs. Depending on your wishes and requirements, we can also deliver realistic 3D models of your components.

Crane surveying

Cranes have become an integral part of many industrial operations. Their proper functioning is ensured through crane surveying in connection with industrial surveying and measurement services. Cranes are subject to very heavy loads and due to this continuing strain can be subject to wear and tear that may impact their functionality and their safety. Even very small geometric deviations can have an impact on the wear experienced by other components. To handle this, we offer full services in the field of crane surveying using the latest technology.

Reverse engineering

With reverse engineering measurements and visualizations are used to go from the finished product to a 3D model which provides information about individual components. The highly precise 3D model is generated using 3D laser scanning. With discrete reconstruction of all surfaces, a precise CAD model is prepared as all surfaces are necessary for effective modeling. With this type of reverse engineering process, the specific dimensions of prototypes can be captured, for example. This makes it relatively simple to visualize and reproduce missing design elements.