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Facade measurements / Facade imaging

To give facade elements a uniform joint pattern, an exact measurement of the existing facade of the building shell must be made for the fabrication of facade elements that will be mounted on it.  Using 3D laser scanners, the facade can be measured on the basis of pre-defined measurement points so as to determine the dimensions of the facade panels.

Facade imaging is primarily of importance in connection with the renovation or extension of historical buildings. With the resultant digital files, it is possible to plan the facade structure very exactly. We can perform the most precise facade measurements with the latest technology and our highly exact 3D laser scanners.

Facade measurements

The dimensions of the building shell facade are typically measured before the facade elements are mounted so that this process can be planned and executed as exactly as possible. We use modern 3D laser devices for facade measurements. Not only do these make it possible to conduct non-contact measurements, they also save time and effort in the process while delivering exceedingly high-quality results.


Facade measurements

Facade measurements allow for the determination of the as-is situation of the building. This information serves most importantly to facilitate an exact mounting of the planned facade panels.

The facade measurement makes it possible to prepare facade plans and enables the specification of various areas, the specification of the evenness of the facade and also the creation of an exact registry of any damages.

Facade measurements are also important in connection with energy considerations because they are used in the determination of window areas, roof areas and wall areas.  In general, facade measurements also are useful as documentation of the building and for future extensions and renovations.

Facade images are used for developing photomaps. These are used especially for extension and renovation projects with historical and listed buildings. In addition, elements such as ornaments, columns, plaster moldings or half-timbered construction can be measured this way. The measurement of facades is particularly important as preparation for the mounting of natural stone facades, cross-story post-and-rail facades, ring facades and metal cladding.

The advantages of 3D laser scanners

Nowadays, 3D laser scanners are the main devices used for performing facade measurements. They take the place of classic measurement methods as well as other optical devices such as levels, tachymeters or laser distance meters. The 3D laser scanner provides very exact results and combines the benefits of the various individual devices in one measurement instrument.

3D laser scanners provide an actual and geometrically correct image of the facade that is to be measured and do so with high measurement speed. The data can be analyzed automatically and transferred to CAD systems for further processing. That means that 3D laser scanners not only provide results of the utmost precision but also save time and effort.

The time-saving is partly a consequence of the no-touch measurement process, which at the same time is the only method that can achieve such exact results. Windows, doors and columns can be drawn into the CAD plans in detail. Thanks to 3D laser scanners, surveying engineers can get the required results without long preparation times or the erection of scaffolding.