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Boundary certifications

After a building survey has been completed, the publicly appointed surveyor is in the position to issue a document that certifies that the building does not exceed the boundaries of the property This official certification is often required in obtaining bank financing.

Boundary certifications

Boundary certifications serve as proof on which plot of land a building has been erected and contain information that the relevant stipulations of the property boundaries have been observed. Boundary certifications are typically issued by a surveying authority or the cadastral office.

According to the cadastral ordinance, all property holders are legally obligated to have buildings surveyed so that the current building status can be registered in the real estate cadastre. If the ground plan of the building is already registered in the land survey registry, then the cadastral office can issue the boundary certification on this basis. If the building has not yet been documented in the land survey registry, then the boundary certification needs to be ordered from a publicly appointed surveying engineer.


The final building survey serves as the basis for the boundary certification. Boundary certifications are frequently requested by banks or other loan providers as loan documentation.

Billing for a boundary certification is regulated by the Schedule of Surveying Fees and Charges and depends on the amount of work involved. The processing time on average is up to one week and depends on the existing cadastral files.